Good Day At The Office is all about business support and development for people working in the creative industries and voluntary sector. I’m here to offer efficient and reliable support to your business or creative practice: my aim is to help you have a good day at the office!

I’m guessing you know what a project manager does but maybe the ‘virtual’ concept is new to you. I can take on tasks to help your organisation but can do it remotely and with the flexibility of a freelancer. So, for example, I could do some funding research, write, co-write or proof-read funding applications, help with artist or board recruitment or work on project generation and development.

I have over 20 years experience of working in arts and education and offer virtual or on-site support and project management for small businesses and artists/makers. I understand the unique pressures of working in the voluntary sector and know that budgets are often tight, so I offer a flexible service that is the right fit for you.

I believe in what you do and the importance of what the creative industries and voluntary sector contribute and I want to help your business succeed. Why not let me shift some of those nagging tasks – let’s clear your desk and make your workplace a more efficient and enjoyable place to be. For more information go to my Services page

Good Day At The Office
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