Strange times, Archie

I keep thinking of that line from the film Local Hero: ‘Strange times, Archie’. I was going to write this months’ blog about the new package that I’ve been working on – a how-to guide for people and organisations writing their first funding application – but things have changed so much in recent weeks that it didn’t feel like the right time. So instead I’ve written about what I’m doing to keep Good Day At The Office ticking over, and maybe some of these ideas will be helpful to other freelancers and small businesses. 

For the foreseeable I will be working on things like…

Updating my website. Does it still say what I want it to say, could it do with some fresh images, does it need new pages or old pages taking down? It’s a WordPress site so I might even try on some new themes.

Preparing some printed material. I love messing about on the Moo website. I used Moo to design my business cards and get them printed. I’ve been thinking about putting together some postcard sized flyers to strategically leave on tables and noticeboards when I’m out and about. With permission, of course. 

Planning the services I offer. One of the (many) good things about running a small business is the freedom to be flexible and responsive. Some of the services I initially thought I’d be offering I’m not so sure about now, whereas other ideas seem more relevant. I was an arts development officer for years and that’s where my specific expertise and interest lies – helping artists and not-for-profit organisations grow and prosper – so that’s where I’ll be focussing.

Improving my working knowledge of particular tools and platforms. There are so many great free tools out there and I know I’m not utilising them to their full potential, even the basics like Word and Excel. At present I tinker with Canva, for example, but I’d love to be a super-user! How great would that be.

Online learning. I’m a big fan of Futurelearn. There are lots of free online short courses including digital marketing, GDPR and copyright plus a whole Business and Management section.

These are a few of my good intentions, although now the schools have closed there is a whole lot of baking, gardening and crafts going on around here and work is very much taking a back seat for a while.  Finally, if any small business or freelancer hasn’t seen the Anti-viral work for freelancers and small businesses Facebook group yet, have a look.